TFC go to San Jose and play like a team….

TFC takes it to San Jose and their bullshit kiddie field.

For the week leading up to this game all we heard was how San Jose was a team, TFC was trying to figure it out. TFC had no talent, San Jose had the golden boot winner. San Jose had the uber-likeable Sam Cronin, TFC was the jerk store full of crabby old Aaron Winters. Turns out, don’t look now, but this whole “system” thing might be starting to work itself out. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It would be hard to argue TFC have played a better game then what they displayed on that sandlot of a field. So what did we learn from this game?

Alan Gordon is the shaggy Dichio

Alan Gordon might never have a song chanted about him at home games but does his play not remind people of Big Danny? Seriously, throw  a shaggy do on the englishman and they basically play the same sort of game. Big dude + Crosses = get some body part on the ball and redirect it into the net. What a novel concept. On a fashion note with the shaggy hair and the head band he’s also winning the race for the title “most likely player to be seen on queen west dating a girl with a fixie bike”

So having wingers for the first time is pretty cool, eh?

Yep the first few games we knew we had one winger in martina, but wow, this Stevanovic dude might be for real too, eh? Watching Stevanovic have such an awesome game is bittersweet. It’s clear he was tearing up the left side all day, but a little part of me hurts knowing he’s just on a loan. But seriously, how can you not get psyched on his performance? At times he holds on to the ball a little too long but it’s clear he’s got some moves. As does mr. “I slept through the first half, but came back to normal in the second” Javier Martina. I’m not sure why he was so out of the game the first half. Part of me thinks he was playing further back because of how shaky Ty Harden looked at left back, but once Peterson moved back there the guy started making moves again.
Remember when only Dero could dangle the ball? We got a pair of wingers that are straight up fun to watch.

Our first real look at Tchani and Borman

It’s hard to judge two guys on a performance when they go from the plane to the field, so lets throw last weeks game away. This week these guys looked like ballers. Tchani is obviously a pretty serious presence in the middle of the field. When Deguz was in their handling some of the defensive responsibilities it helped Tchani even more. Borman I would argue had an even better game. Him and Stevanovic have an awesome thing going, how often do you see two guys playing so well off eachother after knowing each other 2 weeks?

Borman: "Okay, you down the wing and I'll set you up" Stevanovic: "Deal, watch out for that dickhead Opara"

The dutch system is big on getting defenders into the attack, it’s clear Borman is quite comfortable doing it. Fuck yeah! we got attackers at defence now, remember the “who’s going to score all those goals DeRo scored” concern? The answer is everyone.

When your Jaoa Plata, soccer is actually called rugby

Holy crap, does he ever get the shit kicked out of him? Thrown off the ball, pushed into signs, he’s the rudy of TFC……if Rudy was fast as hell. Seriously though, Plata has “threatening late sub” written all over him. But it makes me wonder why our other draft pick Omphroy hasn’t been seen. I mean, it’s clear we need an outside defender? shouldn’t we be able to use him?

Cann is still a load to deal with.

Man, imagine what him tackling Plata in practice must look like?……..Im calling the Columbian consulate, that poor boy needs to be taken care of. But seriously he mad Chris Golden Boots a non factor.

Sometimes half time pep talks work

Apparently Winter had some choice words for the boys at half time, he also switched things up by putting Deguzman on (who, quite clearly is waaaaaaaaaayyyy better in this system already) and it all worked. We didn’t fall apart in the last 10, in fact I’d say we had a bunch of decent chances to win it.

Okay not everything is perfect……

Look, we didn’t beat Real Salt Lake, and though people have high hopes for San Jose, they wouldn’t be considered an elite team in the league. The issues at left back are cause for concern, with Harden playing so poorly, i was surprised they didn’t put on Decoy Williams or Yourassowsky. But hey, a point on the road is a big deal in this league. And we have a midweek game against the MLS All-assholes team on wednesday, hopefully Stevanovic can play and we can watch the “system” take shape even more.

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